Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Purchasing a house, condo or townhouse can be one the most exciting times in ones life. If you’re a first time home owner or you’re downsizing or upsizing the task of furnishing your newly acquired domicile is inevitable and can be quite daunting. Joshua Mandell, Design Consultant & Owner of Autumn Hill Upholstery Co. in Mississauga says “Home owners who’ve never purchased upholstered furniture are usually unaware of what to look for when buying upholstered furniture. For people who are down-sizing the question becomes what to keep and what to throw out and for homeowners up-sizing the question becomes what else do we need. There is also the question of “space” what is going to fit in our space while giving us the most amount of seating while still giving us the look and feel we want. For all those questions and more the following list are tips, rules and suggestions to keep in mind when purchasing upholstered furniture.

1) When searching for the perfect piece or pieces of upholstered furniture make sure you keep your room dimensions with you. You won’t get far in your hunt if you don’t know what your measurement restrictions are. It would be ideal to not only have your measurements with you but also a small perimeter sketch of the room itself with location of walls, doorways, window and fireplaces.

2) Have an idea of configuration, are you looking for a sectional or a sofa and loveseat? It’s ok if you don’t know as a seasoned salesperson or designer will be able to give you various options based on lifestyle, wants and needs.

3) Fabric or Leather? The question always comes up, some homeowners know before hand what they want, for those who don’t, here is some info that will help you in making your decision. Leather can last you anywhere from 5 to 30 years depending on how you maintain it. Leather requires little maintenance, spills and dirt are usually easily wiped up with a damp tea towel. Fabrics come in a variety of patterns and colours that range in the thousands. Fabric companies are always coming out with new patterns, colours and textures. “As far as durability is concerned we only carry fabrics that are manufactured to withstand high household use” states Joshua of Autumn Hill Upholstery Co.

4) Throw it out or have it reupholstered? Family heirloom? Was it made in Canada? Was it an expensive purchase? Does it have a hard wood frame? If you answered yes to any of the questions you may want to have your current upholstered piece reupholstered. Mostly everything else isn’t worth the expense of reupholstering as the cost of reupholstering is usually equal to the cost of buying a new piece.

5) Find out about where and how the product is built. The majority of furniture that is sold in Canada comes from overseas. There is some really well made foreign furniture but unfortunately the majority of overseas furniture is not made well and to have it serviced if it does break down is usually non existent. Make sure that there’s a warranty that comes with your purchase and that the product is serviceable if it does happen to break down.

6) When you can’t find what you want, custom upholstery is the answer. Are you trying to find the style you want in the leather or fabric colour you like, it may be a difficult task. Add the size you need and configuration you want to that equation and you may be looking for something that might not exist. Joshua from Autumn Hill Upholstery Co. proudly states “ That’s where we shine, Customers have a choice of any fabric or leather in any style, size and configuration. We cater to customers who have looked everywhere and can’t find what they want. We can also manufacture a piece based on a draft or a picture from a magazine.

Purchasing a home or condo is a time of great joy, follow our tips on purchasing upholstered furniture and you will minimize the stress that goes along with purchasing upholstered furniture and maximize the amount of joy you will get from buying the piece that is right for you. For more information on upholstered furniture, options and styles you can go to or you can visit Autumn Hill Upholstery Co. @ 2575 Dundas St. West, Mississauga ON. p. 905 607 7632